Jason Klaps

Jason Klaps is the guy that brings Blueprint together, taking care of all the business aspects of Blueprint and making sure things go smoothy is what he does best. But having a firm grasp on good music Jason Klaps has been known to rock the party as well. Definitely having an eclectic taste in music, Jason's favourite labels range from Moving Shadow and Creative Source to Metro Area and Yellow.

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Blueprint - Jason Klaps, Alan Lo, Mike K. (l to r)

Officially formed in 1996, the Blueprint DJ collective began with a series of parties to promote their brand of funky and innovative underground music. The collective consists of three DJs: Jason Klaps, Mike K, and Alan Lo who subscribe to this musical vision of non-conformity. Since the inception of Blueprint, their sound has traveled to their various residencies throughout the Toronto music scene where they attempt to unleash the raw and emotional power of music on the masses. With the creation of the internationally respected party Garage416, the trio has graced the decks with some of house music’s greatest DJ icons and musical visionaries. Playing with DJs like "Little Louie" Vega, Joe Claussell, Tony Humphries, François K., the Basement Boys, Mateo & Matos, and many others the Blueprint crew have had a chance to jam with the world’s best DJs. Other projects have led to playing with such musical innovators as Justin Harris (Music For Freaks), Gilles Peterson, S.O.U.L., DJ Spinna, A Guy Called Gerald and more. While not on the turntables, the Blueprint crew is actively working to progress their next challenge – production. With an early co-production with Paul Jacobs A.K.A. SoulGrabber on the respected label Aquarius Recordings the future release of their musical vision is imminent.

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Blueprint - Alan Lo, Jason Klaps, Mike K. (l to r)

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